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This is taken from the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta official web site:

"Most of us in the yachting scene know a genuine Classic when we see one. She was built years ago when all yachts were things of beauty and grace with fine lines and acres of canvas. The survivors of that golden era are unmistakably classic. But what about other classics?

"We’ve all seen fine examples of the craftsmanship of yesteryear carried on in modern vessels like Braveheart, Wild Horses, White Wings, Alejandra, Windrose, Victoria of Strathearn, and Savanna. All have the fine lines of a classic but are built and rigged using modern techniques and materials. We also must include as classics the wonderful traditional workboats of the past that are now sailing the seas as yachts.

"To be eligible for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, all entries should have a full keel, be of moderate to heavy displacement, built of wood or steel, and be of traditional rig and appearance. Old craft restored using modern materials such as epoxy or glass sheathing, or new craft built along the lines of an old design, are acceptable. Vessels built of ferro-cement may be accepted if they have a gaff or traditional schooner rig. Fibreglass yachts must have a long keel with a keel-hung rudder and be a descendant of a wooden hull design."